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My home studio

This is my home studio aka Ghetto Lounge studio to produce and mix music.

  1. Dave Smith Instruments OB-6
  2. Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
  3. Yamaha DX-7
  4. Korg microkorg
  5. Moog Mother-32 modular synth
  6. Doepfer Darktime analogue sequencer
  7. Evans ES-1 Echo Chorus Tape Echo
  8. Roland MC-707 Groovebox
  9. Roland TR-626 Rhythm Composer
  10. TASCAM M-312B 12ch mixer
  11. TEAC A-3300SX reel to reel tape recorder (1/4 inch)
  12. Benidub Spring Amp with spring reverb box
  13. ZOOM STUDIO 1204 multi effect
  14. Squier Precision Bass
  15. RODE NT-1A Mic
  16. KRK Rockit5 studio monitor
  17. Apple Logic X
  18. M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R audio interface
  19. Technics SL-1210MK2 x2
  20. Master Sounds Radius2 DJ mixer

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