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Hamsa Remix Out Now

I have done this remix two years ago during the winter lockdown, which was the strangest and the darkest time of whole life period, and finally it’s out now. Sandman Project’s Hamsa is a superb mid eastern jazz funk tune that I transformed into the deep mid tempo house track. Thanks for DJ Kobayashi to hook me up for this project that there are another wicked reworks from Emanative feat Jessica Lauren, Woxow and Ayala as well.


RIP Tony Allen

Oh man, I still can’t believe that the legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen passed away… It was only six weeks ago when I saw him playing drums for the tribute to Hugh Masekela concert at the Church of Sound. He was really fit and well so that I was totally speechless when I heard the news…

It was maybe around 2002 when I saw his gig for the first time at the Stratford Circus. It was organised by Strut Records that they had just released Nigeria 70 compilation compiled by Duncan Brooker who was actually DJing on the same night. I just discovered Afrobeat around that time, and it was great and inspiring for me to see the man who actually invented the Afrobeat playing the drums for the first time. Since that I can’t remember how many times I saw him playing drums. When I went to see Dele Sosimi‘s gig for the first time in a shabby community hall in Peckham in 2003, Tony was there as well for the guest to play a couple of Fela’s number. A several years later, I was lucky enough to be a tour DJ for the Saluting the Black President – Ginger Baker and Tony Allen reunion concert in Paris and London in 2013. He also came to the Afrobeat Vibration’s 5th anniversary to play a few songs with the Dele sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra at The New Empowering Church.

IMG_2853IMG_2722Tony Allen at the Afrobeat Vibration 5th anniversary Nov 2013 photo by Yu Fujiwara

As soon as he plays the drums, you feel the Afrobeat groove straight away. It sounds like talking or singing, and is so unique and original that there’s no Afrobeat without Tony Allen according to Fela Kuti. I always loved and enjoyed to watch him play.

He was always nice and gentle to everyone too. If you ask to take a photo with him, he always says yes. He was loved by everyone and is going to be missed so much…

Rest in power Dr Tony Allen, you are gone but your spirit will stay with us forever.

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Nakara Percussions album review

It’s been over a month since the Covid-19 lockdown began. Ironically the weather has been warm and pleasant but there aren’t much we can do under the government guidance. Stay home and listen to music, that’s what we’ve got to do right now…

So that I have been listening to the album of music a lot these days.

What is the album? It’s just like a book that from the page one to the end, you follow the story of the author. It has to have flows, tempos and stories for the audience to go through. Otherwise you want to close the book or fall asleep…

I was so pleased when the man like the legendary DJ Dr. Bob Jones commented about my album – ‘every track is beautifully produced and the journey is wonderful, just wonderful.’

Yes, the album is the journey. And this is the album I discovered recently that the journey was absolutely magnificent.

It was recorded and released independently in 1984 in South France. It’s a totally obscure album but the quality is top ranking. Give huge thanks to Komos Records to reissue these wonderful rare recordings available.

Komos Records:

Dr Bob Jones: