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Hamsa Remix Out Now

I have done this remix two years ago during the winter lockdown, which was the strangest and the darkest time of whole life period, and finally it’s out now. Sandman Project’s Hamsa is a superb mid eastern jazz funk tune that I transformed into the deep mid tempo house track. Thanks for DJ Kobayashi to hook me up for this project that there are another wicked reworks from Emanative feat Jessica Lauren, Woxow and Ayala as well.


Afrobuddha reissue

One of my project with my fellow DJ/producer Kay Suzuki, the Afrobuddha‘s most wanted vinyl have been reissued by Misticisms. The original presses are unbelievably expensive on Discogs so that you should get your copy before it’s run out of stocks.

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Wono LP vinyl out now

Every cut is beautifully produced and the journey is wonderful, just wonderful.
by Dr Bob Jones 

Wono vinyl LP is out now! During this lockdown moment, all you can do is stay at home and listen to music. Grab your vinyl copy and enjoy the musical journey!






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WONO album out on digital

Koichi Sakai & Afla Sackey WONO Cover

My debut album “WONO” is out on digital today!

Listen to the album on Spotify, iTunes etc.

Pre-order the vinyl LP from:

Following a successful EP in 2019, featuring remixes from ​Osunlade ​& ​Pocz​, ​Olindo Records​ are proud to present “​Wono​”, the debut collaborative album from ​Koichi Sakai​ &​ Afla Sackey​. The album is a deep exploration of ​Koichi’s ​love of both electronic and West African music, in close collaboration with Ghana-born master percussionist, singer, band leader, teacher and songwriter, Afla Sackey​.

The album features 7 tracks ranging from the meditative “​Yamb​”, which features master kora player Kadialy Kouyate​, to the acid infused, slow house workout of “​Niege​”. Passing through a contemporary highlife take on advance single “​Suolo​” and a shorter version of the previously released “​Jingo​”.

“​Wono​” means “​It’s Ours​” in Ga. As in that which you desire, ​will be yours in time, even if you do not possess it now. So don’t rush brother, patience is a virtue.